brings more sales

Identify most engaging and attractive comment.
Impress vistors and boost your selling conversion rates.

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Why positive reviews are crucial?

1 %
customers purchase based on product review
1 %

BestComment drives customer attention
toward most recommended products

Drive customers to buy best products

Focus customer's attention on products they most likely
to buy not regretting decision

Best Comment evaluates customer reviews, selects best
ones and promotes favorite products to customers

Engage customers to browse and stay on ecommerce
platform longer


Make products more attractive

give to your ecommerce site more personal style

best comment is picked by Artificial Intelligence
and shown together with product description

Customers believe in short reviews of other customers
before they read a complete product description 


Engage shilly-shally customers

Don't let customers leave your site because they are
overhelmed by choices

Target their attention to just one or two most attractive
products on category list

Undecided customers will be given hints to pick a right


Interact with customers early

Let customers who trust only reviews to compare
best reviews directly on category pages

best review is accessible directly from category
page by moving cursor over a product review icon

Engage customers as early as possible to make a
choice, pick a product and go directly to check out 


How customers find your site?

They search in Google, sometimes asking personal questions:
"nice dress for a wedding" "comfortable black shoes"

Improve SEO ranking of category pages

Exchance product listing pages with additional personalized
content from comments

Best reviews are present in the listing page
content and are indexed by search engines

Your site is more likely to appear higher in
google search results when customers are
typing more personal search queries 


Improve SEO ranking of product pages

Target the seo engine to rank the highest scoring
review for a product page.

Just one, best scored review is highlighted as a
header section and gets higher meaning for a google
search rank

Personalized searches are now more likely to find
your product on the first page of search results


Improve your website with better reviews